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Bulk Email Marketing Managed in Canberra

The Digital age is now!
Any business who is serious about capturing repeat and referral business has no excuse to avoid digital marketing. Emails are one of the most powerful methods to reach and reward your customers and generate new revenue for your business. Inviting your customers to sign up to a mailing list is the first step.
Whether you are a sporting club, fitness professional, charity or a business, email broadcasts can benefit you and your business.
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Email Marketing Services in Canberra from nFlame Creative

Send email broadcasts, track customer experience, manage referrals

Who can benefit from Bulk Email Marketing Management?

  1. Sporting Clubs who want to reach members with promotions and announcements
  2. Anyone who wants to send digital newsletters to subscribers
  3. Fitness Professionals who want to reach and reward their customers
  4. Charity organisations seeking sponsorships and support
  5. Retailers seeking to reward customers with special offers
  6. Clothing stores seeking to promote "members only" sale events
  7. Basically any business who has a list of customers who use digital devices and have something important and useful to say in bulk.

What do you need to get started with Email Marketing?

  • Compile a list of Email addresses that you want to target with email broadcasts. If you don't have a list then talk to us about the best ways of setting up a subscription process on your website or at your place of business (Note: we do not buy or sell recipient lists under any circumstances)
  • Start with a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve with your Email broadcasts and how you can measure the performance online
  • Create a strong call to action or a specific landing page on your website to direct traffic from your email broadcast
  • Think about the particular times and days that you think will reach your customers in the best frame of mind for receiving your email messages
  • Call our office for the current email broadcast pricing and details about designing a new custom email template for your business. 

Why Choose nFlame to design and manage your email Marketing?

  1. nFlame Creative is listed as one of MailChimps expert email marketing agencies in Australia
  2. We manage and distribute emails to thousands of recipients all year round and all over Australasia
  3. You can meet with us in our office to design your own custom email template and a solution that will work for your objectives
  4. We do it all in-house so your subscribers details are secure and we do not buy or sell recipient lists under any circumstances.

How much does it cost to send bulk Email Broadcasts?

  • Email template design is quoted based on the complexity of the required design
  • Email broadcast fees depend on the number of email subscribers to be managed in your list for each broadcast. See us for current and specific pricing.

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