Media Buying Services

As a professional design and marketing agency, nFlame Creative has the experience and the contacts to make your advertising budget go as far as possible. Based in Canberra we maintain personal relationships with all local media outlets on behalf of our clients, so it is in our interest to continue seeking out the best available purchase rates and placement for your marketing to reach customers and generate sales for your business.

In addition to booking your media placement, we'll show you how to measure the performance of your advertising and track your return on investment.

"Thanks to nFlame we have been able to focus on the day-to-day running of our business and achieved great exposure from our advertising budget. They are very good at communicating new ideas to us in a language we can understand. To be able to make one phone call to reach every media outlet is just fantastic."

- Jan Hopkins, Owner, The Blind Man Company

Managing your advertising budget for maximum impact and ROI

Professional Media Buying Services offer:

  • The buying power of the larger advertising agency media buying account
  • The best available advertising rates for your media bookings
  • The best available times and placements for your advertisements
  • The confidence that your advertisements will run on time, in the right place, and for the right price
  • Convenient monthly invoicing of your advertising placement account

Who can benefit from engaging a professional media buyer?

  • Business Owners attracted to the financial benefit of outsourcing media buying, liaison and rate negotiation to a Professional
  • Business Managers who enjoy the peace of mind that comes with professional advertising account management and benefit from the free time to focus on their business
  • Marketing Managers who understand the benefit of outsourcing some aspects of the marketing process to a larger agency with stronger buying power
  • New business start-ups who enjoy the convenience of monthly invoicing and understanding their advertising investment up-front.

Engage an agency to manage your media buying account

  1. Understand the benefits that come with account management.
  2. Understand that there is an application process which includes a credit history and background check for the business and its Directors.
  3. (If you are a new business, there may be an option to pre-pay your advertising bookings for a period of time to build a credit rating).
  4. Arrange a meeting with our Director of Design and Advertising, Damian and make sure you are comfortable with us acting on behalf of your brand to book media.
  5. Start the application process by downloading a new client credit application form from our website HERE.
  6. Submit your completed application form via fax or email to our office for processing.
  7. Await a phone call from our office to advise of your application status and the next steps in Professional Advertising Account management and media buying.

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