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Media Planning and Placement Services

How do you know where to focus your marketing budget to achieve results?

At nFlame, we focus on finding the most appropriate placements for your brand message across all available mediums.?
We understand that some advertising options may not suit every business, and we get creative to find a way to make your advertising budget work for you and your customers.

By planning your media buying and booking placement in advance, you achieve the best available advertising rates and have a clear understanding of your investment up-front.

Congratulations to our friends at Les Mills Asia Pacific,
BRW list of Top 200 Great Places to Work 2013

Media planning and placement services in Canberra by nFlame Creative

"The thing that I appreciate most about nFlame is not just the consistently great work produced, but the confidence I have in them so I can concentrate on other work."
- Marie, Marketing Manager, Les Mills Asia Pacific

Do you have a strategy to reach and reward your customers?

Professional Media Planning and Placement offers:

  1. An understanding of your advertising commitments up-front
  2. Best available advertising rates available with advanced agency booking
  3. The ability to coordinate advertising campaigns across multiple media platforms with a single point of contact
  4. The ability to forecast your advertising costs and measure the return on investment (ROI).

We help you to establish:

  • Who your ideal customers are and why they need your products and services
  • Where your ideal customers are and how to reach them
  • What style of promotion is likely to appeal to them
  • How you can reward your existing customers and encourage repeat business
  • Ways to experiment with new markets and attract new customers.

Media Planning and Placement to reach new customers including:

  • Targeted online advertising production, management and placement
  • Local and national television advertising placement
  • Local and national radio advertising placement
  • Local and national press advertising placement
  • Press release distribution

Ways you can reward existing customers of your business include:

  • Targeted Re-Marketing online advertising campaigns with special offers to past website visitors via the Google Adwords Display Network
  • Email broadcasts to existing members lists including promotions and interesting brand related news stories
  • SMS marketing to existing subscribers with targeted promotions and members' only specials
  • Direct mail delivery to your client list via Australia post
  • Client evenings offering a shared space for your clients to interact with one another.

Reporting on your advertising return on investment (ROI)

  • Measure the ROI of your Google Adwords online advertising campaigns in real-time and adjust for performance and conversions
  • Manage your customers experience of your brand online with Google Analytics in place to track how visitors use your website pages 
  • Record all useful information to determine which style of promotion delivers the best performance for your individual brand
  • Conduct surveys with all of your customers to gain a greater insight
  • Encourage positive brand referrals wherever possible.