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SMS Broadcast Management Services in Canberra

Your customers need to hear from you in order to keep investing in your brand. If you collect mobile phone numbers from customers, you can reach out to them via professionally managed SMS broadcasts.
Our SMS management service enables you to reach your customers, make them feel special, add value to your brand, and continue your business expansion within a qualified audience.

SMS Marketing Services in Canberra from nFlame Creative

Reach and reward your customers with professional SMS Marketing

Who can benefit from SMS Marketing Management?

  1. Sporting Clubs who want to reach members with promotions and announcements
  2. Fitness Professionals who want to reach and reward their customers
  3. Charity organisations seeking sponsorships and support
  4. Retailers seeking to reward customers with special offers
  5. Clothing stores seeking to promote "members only" sale events
  6. Basically any business who has a list of customers who use mobile phones and have somethig important and useful to say in bulk and for a few cents per member.

What do you need to get started with SMS Marketing?

  • Compile a list of mobile phone numbers that you want to target with SMS broadcasts. If you don't have a list then talk to us about the best ways of setting up a subscription process on your website or at your place of business (Note: we do not buy or sell recipient lists under any circumstances)
  • Start with a clear idea of what you are trying to acheive with your SMS messages
  • Create a strong call to action or a specific landing page on your website to be sent as an performance measure within your SMS message
  • Think about the particular times and days that you think will reach your customers in the best frame of mind for receiving your messages
  • Call our office for the current SMS broadcast pricing and details about finding the right SMS broadcast management plan for your business. 

How much does it cost to send bulk SMS Broadcasts?

  • Simple monthly SMS management plans are tailored for your business needs and to fit within your budget
  • The price of each individual 160 character SMS message sent within Australia is subject to change (usually only a few cents per message), so please contact our office for the latest and greatest prices.
  • Messages within 160 characters are charged as a single message
  • Messages containing more than 160 characters are charged as multiple messages, see us for full details.