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Taxi Advertising Services in Canberra

nFlame Creative is Canberra's go to agency for taxi cab advetising campaigns. We work with local and national fleets to ensure you get the best exposure and the right region for your advertising message.
Taxis are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are always where the traffic is. Our primary Canberra fleet features illuminated sign panels with LED back-lighting so you really stand out and the national fleet enables brands to have maximum exposure on a much larger scale.

Taxi Advertising management by nFlame Creative

Get stuck in traffic with your customers for a few cents per Km.

Why Choose Taxi Advertising in Canberra

  • Your advertising is stuck in traffic with potential customers
  • We can track the performance of your campaign by monitoring GPS travel of the taxi cabs (primary fleet only)
  • Our primary local fleet has illuminated panels which stand out at night
  • The larger fleet taxis (for bookings of 20 or more) feature reflective panels
  • Bookings are made on a monthly basis
  • Your initial sign artwork design is included in your booking
  • You can choose to have as many variations of design as you like and change your artwork on a monthly basis (extra costs incurred for multiple designs and frequent changing of panels)

Who can benefit from Taxi Advertising in Canberra

  • Local businesses you wish to target a region covered by taxis 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Brands looking for great exposure for larger branding campaigns
  • National brands who are looking to branch out into targetted regional markets