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Professional Industrial Design from concept to creation

Taking an idea and formalising it into a marketable product is an exciting process. At nFlame we streamline the process to get your ideas into production and faster by using the advanced technology of Solidworks 3D CAD software.

We work with you to bring ideas to life with professional renderings, computer aided design 3D models, rapid prototypes, manufacturing drawings and marketing collateral that may be pitched to investors.

All Industrial Design projects are commercial in confidence and we recommend preparing a non-disclosure statement prior to your first meeting.

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Solidworks Modelling in Canberra by nFlame Creative

Industrial Design & SolidWorks

Engage a professional Industrial Designer experienced in SolidWorks to give your idea the best chance of becoming a real new product design.

3D Computer Rendering Canberra by nFlame Creative

3D Product Rendering

From a SolidWorks model we generate photo-realistic renderings and videos ready for you to show to investors.

Rapid Prototype Production Canberra

Rapid Prototype Production

Order a 3D model of your design in a range of materials which reflect the properties of production materials.  

Manufacturing Liaison with Manufacturers by nFlame Creative Canberra

Manufacturing Liaison

Liaising with local and international manufacturers, we understand what is required in order for your product to be made in production.

Your production timeline is streamlined with our expertise of production standards and processes, which leads to the most cost effective solution for the manufacture of your new product.

Packaging Design by nFlame Creative Canberra

Packaging Design

The packaging of your product, and the interaction that your customers have with it, is almost as important as the way they interact with the product itself. Companies like Apple have won awards for their product packaging design.

nFlame formalises the interaction between your customer and your product, and in that order. We understand that the user experience with your product begins with unwrapping it.

Design for production and distribution Canberra by nFlame Creative

Production & Distribtion

nFlame has the experience to guide you through the entire product development process, from your initial concept right through to manufacturing production and distribution.

Liaising with local and international manufacturers, we get you on the right track to set up mass production and global distribution of your ideas.

It all starts with a great idea.
Call us today and we will guide you through the rest.

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