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Style Guide Design Services in Canberra

So now you have a new logo for your business, how can you use it? What colours can you use, and what font is defined as your corporate font?

What is the overall visual tone of your business that you want to ensure is represented consistenly accross all media? These questions and more are answered with the formal design of a corporate brand style guide.

When designing a new logo it helps to know:

  1. Who are my target customers?
  2. What imagery are they currently exposed to and reacting to?
  3. What colours, shapes, fonts, and imagery speaks of my brand and ideals?
  4. Where is my branding likely to be exposed and on what medium?
Style Guide Design services in Canberra by nFlame Creative
Start with a professionally designed Style Guide for your brand.

Your brand style guide is the most important tool for starters.

What is a brand style guide?

  • Your style guide determines what your brand is
  • How your brand looks to your customers
  • What fonts are your corporate fonts
  • How all media outlets are to use your brand
  • A professional brand style guide maintains a professional image of your brand.

Why use an agency to design my style guide?

  • nFlame employs University degree qualified designers
  • we understand the requirements from all media outlets who might use your logo
  • File formats ca be tricky and we know which format works in which medium
  • We maintain a copy of your working documents which can be called upon in the event that you lose your copies
  • Our designers LOVE fonts and colours.