nFlame Collective : Your team of specialist creatives in Canberra, Australia
The lyrics of a song by the Doors explains that "music inflames temperament".
This sentiment has resonated with the founders and members of NFLAME since the very beginning.

We all understand that one lone musician can not create the sounds of an orchestra. Many skilled musicians playing to the same tune can produce beautiful and harmonious music that the people enjoy.

We accept that it is all a bit "airy-fairy". But at the end of the day we all want the same thing. We want to spend our days on this earth producing exceptional work, for and with people we enjoy working with, and at a standard that we can be extremely proud of. After all, Life is far too short for cheap wine and crappy work for a quick buck.

and let's face it, no musician has ever released a song they are not ultimately proud of at that moment in time.